Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on Diablo Cody

I've been totally sucked into the vortex that is Diablo Cody mania and I can't help it. I am wishing and hoping for a career trajectory similar to hers- I've done the blogs, published the book, am working on a screenplay. Sure I lack the lapdancing and phone sex experience she has under her belt but at the same time, I've birthed two babies, have been a military wife, I've lived in Hawaii and have been married for twelve years. Certainly that counts for something?

She began with a blog which turned into a book and then there was Juno. Now she's lunching with movie legends and as I write this, she's being fitted for her Oscar gown, something to show off her newly purchased boobs.

Why do I care so much about this girl? Because Diablo shows us, the writers and dreamers, that a person can be shot into the stratosphere of fame seemingly overnight. That once in a while, a person gets a huge break and its possible that the next time might be you or me. Writers go unnoticed most of the time but there's Diablo, right next to Ellen Page doing the press junkets and flying around the world to promote the movie. I want to fly around the world too.

I read the articles that come up on Diablo Cody because I find her story inspiring and exciting. I found this one on FourFour. Check it out. What do you think?

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Blogger Manic Mom said...
You know I'm in love with her too Cindy!

Think she's into threesomes! After reading Candy Girl, I'm pretty sure she'd be up for anything! LOL! @ 8:06 PM  
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