Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fifty Cents for Your Soul

Thank to all who read A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss! If you haven't read it, it is the perfect summery beach read- light and funny. I completed the next book in the series and I am excited for this one to be published. Here is the basic idea of Fifty Cents for Your Soul:

Marilyn Monroe never died and her death may be the biggest cover-up in history. In Fifty Cents for Your Soul, celebrity obsessed writer Barrett Greer meets a former actress who was a close friend and confidante of Marilyn Monroe. She discovers that the actress has many tales to tell about Marilyn including the night she helped the legendary bombshell fake her own death.

Barrett sets out to find Marilyn Monroe hoping to uncover the truth and in the process, become famous. But what is it worth to expose the confidential information which has the ability to alter many lives, namely Marilyn’s who has been living in peace since 1962.

When you write a book, have it edited and ready for agents, you send out a query to the agents you hope to work with and pray that one of them likes your story. They ask to see the manuscript, then hopefully offer representation. That's where I am at right now, sending those letters and biting my nails waiting for a reply. It can take weeks and months to send out letters. When my first book was published, I went with a small publishing company but now I'm ready for the great agent, big book deal and fingers crossed, a film deal.

My goal is to have this book made into a movie- I love imagining who would play Marilyn in the 1950's and 60's flashbacks. My vote is for Rachel McAdams. Who would play the role of Barrett, the celebrity obsessed lead character, varies from Cameron Diaz to Kate Hudson but after seeing the fabulous movie, Waitress with Keri Russell, I am convinced she could be the ideal Barrett. Ahhhh, someday. We all have to dare to dream, right? Fifty Cents for Your Soul...coming to a theater near you!

Enough about me! New interviews coming within the next couple of days.

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