Monday, May 08, 2006

S is for Silence

I'm not going to sugar coat it: this book is long. Usually I can get through a novel within two days but S is for Silence took me a week, perhaps longer. Not because it was boring but because it's full of characters, clues and details, I couldn't let my eyes coast over the words in a half assed attempt to speed read . I had to pay attention. I couldn't watch the E! True Hollywood Story while I had this book in my hands either. Sheesh! Sue Grafton, what are you doing to me?

I began reading Kinsey Millhone books wayyyyyy back when I was living in North Carolina. Being an avid reader, the first thing I did when I moved to Charlotte was get a library card and the second was get a gym membership. Third was eat at a Cracker Barrel.

All through my twenties, during moves to California to Hawaii to New Jersey and back to California, Kinsey has been there year after year comforting me with her Quarter Pounders with cheese and humor. Sue Grafton averages about one mystery a year and I try to get a hold of one as soon as it is hot off the press. S is for Silence has been out for several months so I was very glad to finally sit down and read it.

Because you are so smart, you know that mysteries are the most popular genre of book in the world. More so than any other genre, people like a good who-done-it. And Sue Grafton is sitting pretty on her Kinsey Millhone novels. I'm just waiting for a Kinsey Millhone movie to hit theaters. It's only a matter of time, don't you think? Hmmm, who would make a good Kinsey? Let's think about this.

S is for Silence is a little different than most of Sue's books, flipping back and forth between present day (that would be Kinsey's present day, pre-cell phones and internet) and 1953. The writer tries to fool the reader with a plethora of characters who could have committed the crime in question. At times I was a tad confused keeping the characters straight in my mind but that's probably because my husband was watching ESPN and I couldn't focus over the unremitting drone of sports-casters. I need silence, (like the title) a cup of tea, and a warm blanket for maximum novel reading enjoyment.

As I mentioned before, the book is lengthy and very descriptive so if you are looking for something light and funny that you can tear through in day or two, I suggest a nice Lauren Weisberger or Plum Sykes novel. And how anyone can watch ESPN for hours is really beyond my comprehension.


Blogger Steph said...
I, too, can hardly wait for every new Sue Grafton novel to come out! And yeah - that one was a little long.
I think Ellen Degeneres would make a perfect Kinsey. @ 1:04 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...
Hmm...I never pictured Ellen as Kinsey. Interesting. I love them both - that might work.

I enjoyed the latest Grafton, but it didn't seem to have as much humor in it as usual. It doesn't matter though - I'll still buy "T" the moment it is released. Grafton is incredible. @ 1:28 AM  
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