Monday, May 29, 2006

Running With Scissors

I don't recall where I saw the trailer for this film. I think it must have been a video rental since I venture out to the movies once every six months. The movie looked so good that I had to read the book. I like reading any book before the movie comes out, don't you?

I consumed Running With Scissors in one day. I read it while cooking, I read it while on my exercise bike. I read it on the elliptical. I read it while watching Dr. 90210 and then I read it in bed. Finally, I didn't have to worry about multi-tasking because I finished it.

I do love a good memoir (Angela's Ashes, The Glass Castle, Nasty, Queen of the Oddballs). Add in a splash of dysfunction and heavy dose of humor and I can't put the book down. This was a captivating memoir about Augusten Burroughs, given to his mother's kooky psychiatrist at a young age to be raised by a group of eccentric people. Young Augusten had a desire to run a hair-care empire and enjoyed using the heads of hair around him to practice his techniques. While the hair empire may not have worked out for him, he built a career as a successful writer which proves my theory that writers are a highly unique breed.

Parts of the book are dark, sad and well, plain gross. Other parts are so funny, conjuring up the images in my imagination had me laughing out loud. I suppose truth really is stranger than fiction and this memoir proves it. Now I want to read the sequel to Running With Scissors titled Dry, about grown up Augusten living in New York City, working in advertising.

You can learn more about the movie here and read more about Augusten by going to his website. Be sure to read the book before the movie hits theaters in October.


Blogger Kripsie said...
If you liked Running with Scissors, you will really like Dry. I actually read Dry before RWS and couldn't put either books down. Dry isn't as gross as RWS can be and it is REALLY intense. But I have really grown to love Augusten's writing. @ 12:24 PM  
Blogger RC said...
when i read running w/ scissors it maybe took me three or 4 days, not just one...

here's a post i did on the book and the movie i think you might enjoy.

Strange Culture: Running With Scissors - The Story and The Movie

It should be interesting...and Annette Benning will surely get tons of film accolades for her role.

--RC of @ 10:31 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...
I read this from a recommendation from a friend...and read it in a day too. I am waiting for DRY to come, the next book. This guys is quite a survivor, isn't he? Can you interview him? @ 11:52 PM  
Anonymous seeing said...
If you want to read a good memoir, read "Eat, Pray, Loove" by Elizabeth Gilbert. The best book of my 2007 for sure! @ 11:25 AM  
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