Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crafty Chica, Art de la Soul

I made the mistake in the past of thinking that being artsy also means being crafty. Alas, while I can sketch with charcoal and take a good photo and paint sunflowers this does not translate into creating something with my hands. In fact, my sad attempts at making crafts resulted in lopsided butterflies and glue splattered photo frames and ill looking candles.

Crafty Chica can do it and she wants to teach you how. In her bright and joyful book, Art de la Soul, Crafty Chica shows us how to take those baby steps to becoming a super crafty chick.
My favorite crafts are the Happy Historia Photo charms and the Las Mujeres Empowerment box. Not to mention the Frida inspired necklace. I adore Mexican arts and crafts, there is something so happy about the bright colors and the textures and the soulful paintings. This book is inspiring to page through whether you are crafty or artistic or not. As you turn the glossy pages, simply admire at the beautifully done projects. And Kathy Cano Murillo aka Craft Chica, is a sweetheart. She writes throughout the book and you can't help but want to be her friend and hang out and make crafts and drink wine and chill out on sultry summer nights. Pass me the paints and the glitter, por favor.

To read more about Kathy, go here. To order the book go here. And if you are too lazy or too busy to pick up a paintbrush, you can buy her crafts by going here.

This craft is my favorite. I have an entire wall of crosses in my house. Lovely!


Anonymous 90210girl said...
Awesome. ALl the books look good. Ill have to read them. @ 5:00 PM  
Anonymous xogurl said...
how are ya?i love the book the pefect man, she bloggs in it 2! @ 9:07 PM  
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